General information

The background of the magazine

The magazine ”Automaatioväylä” is published and edited by
Automaatioväylä Oy, which is owned by
Automaatiosäätiö – Automation Foundation.

The main partners of the magazine are Suomen
Automaatioseura – Finnish Society of Automation  and
Suomen Mittaus ja Säätöteknillinen Yhdistys – Finnish
Measurement and Control Technology Association.

Both are country wide associations operating on professional
basis and connecting persons in the fields of measurement,
control and automation.

The associations strive to promote automation technology
and its applications and to  share experiences among the
members and other end users in order to strengthen
the skills and information. Information sharing takes place
also between other domestic and international organizations.
The activities of the members cover widely the whole branch of
automation; research, education, engineering, manufacturing,
marketing as well as industrial operations and maintenance.  

Automation is a key when developing sustainable technologies,
which contain measuring  sensors, information technology,
software and individual skills.


The vision and mission of the magazine

Automaatioväylä serves as the professional magazine in the field
of automation. The subscribers will read and store the magazines.
It has seven issues annually. Each issue has a theme and it covers
new methods, applications and trends under that theme. Writers are
specialists in their field representing research, education,
industry and users. Each issue has also sections covering news from
the field, new products and their applications as well as personal and
organizational news.



The Board of Directors

Kari Koskinen, ch
Timo Harju
Antti Kuisma
Toni Spännäri
Kalevi Virtanen



Editorial comittee

Timo Harju
Eetu Helminen
Juhani Lempiäinen
Tomi Nurmi
Matti Paljakka, ch
Börje Sandström
Ilari Tervakangas
Osmo Vainio